Damascus Album



1. I’m on the Run
2. Alabama Rock ‘N’ Roll
3. Chevrolet
4. Love is a price you must pay
5. These are better days
6. Down to the River
7. Nobody’s Fool
8. Begin Again
9. Detroit Teamster Union Blues
10. Like the First Time
11. Take me Down South
12. Hold me Right Now
13. We’ll never make love again
14. Let Loose the Dogs of War




All ‘Damascus’ album song ideas, concepts, lyrics, riffs and lead vocals: Elias.T. Hoth.Executive Producer: Elias.T.HothStudio sound recording, mixing and mastering: Glenn Phillips Keyboards, piano percussion, orchestral arrangement, special effects and backing vocals: Glenn Phillips.
The ‘Damascus’ album was recorded at GPS Studios, Blackrod, Bolton UK from May 2018 to April 2019 Selected rhythm lead guitar riff original concepts: Elias.T.HothLead, acoustic, rhythm and slide guitar: Steve Ensall (Steve E) Bass guitar and backing vocals: Simon Robertshaw (Cydark)Harmonica: Liam WardFemale backing vocals; Nina Lanaghan and the NinettesSpecial thanks to the Blackrod Hallelujah Gospel Choir Album concept and artwork: K.M.Creative (www.km-creative.co.uk)Finally, and once again, I must profoundly thank Glenn, the album producer for his patience, imagination, creativity and technical genius. Also, Steve, lead guitarist, Simon bass guitarist, Liam on harmonica and Nina for her fabulous female vocals. Each and every one of these people, have contributed so much of their own unique, talents to the ‘Damascus’ album; as indeed they always do.

Foreword by Elias.T.Hoth

Damascus is a double album. The word ‘Damascus’ for me has always been a synonym for conflict and change, both are inseparable and indeed irreconcilable. They are integral, one simply cannot exist without the other, and, without doubt, they inevitably bring us angst and pain. ‘Damascus’ needs no more than the word itself. For me it’s very saying conveys a power, gravitas and meaning, which is universally recognised and understood.Whilst Rock and Blues have continued to be part of my enduring musical life’s blood for almost two decades, ‘Damascus’ brings you songs that are more diverse, sensitive and thoughtful. The shifts and dynamics in my own life have precipitated new perspectives in my reflections, emotions and feelings. In turn, these have spawned, what one might describe as a fork, or musical divergence in my own continuing journey, of which the ‘Damascus’ album is unlikely to be the first or indeed the last.Subliminally, I ask everyone to join me on their own road to Damascus, in an album in which you may well find your own epiphany and answers to life’s great questions. As well as savouring some more of my classic Rock and Blues songs creations, you might also embrace the new Country and more delicate and fragile Ballad songs offered within.