Wrath Widower Album


Elias .T. Hoth has been writing his own original material for more than a decade. But now at last the final deliverance of his new album “LET SLEEPIN’ DEMONS LIE” concludes what is for him the end of a 10 year quest giving him time to reflect and take stock of this personal watershed, as he will openly admit, it has often been a long, painful journey, full of struggle, bitter disappointments, abandonment, great pain and personal suffering, but such is life!

1. Mississippi Burnin
2. Mobile Alabama
3. Roll Down Dirdy
4. A Liddle Bit a Sinnin
5. Sleazy Hussy Fever
6. Ozark Alabama Please
7. Louisiana Train
8. Down Mississippi Way
9. Wanted by the FBI
10. HeX On You
11. Rollin Thunda’

Enjoy some of the audio clips of the album