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 Elias.T.HothThe man himself

Elias.T.Hoth is a hard ass mean kickin, hell fire and brimstone, a blood spittin British Rock ‘N’ Roller. Above all he is a guy who writes, promotes and plays all his own original rock and blues material. He has written over a hundred songs to date which has generated the release of two studio albums “Let Sleepin Demons Lie” 2007 and “Wrath Widower” 2013, along with a number of other live albums including a live DVD “Let Sleepin demons LIVE “ released in 2009.

His albums are distributed and sold World Wide in Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Russia and the Asia Pacific Rim. Elias.T.Hoth does have a significant Global fan base. Elias was also presented with a gold disc award by internet music company for their fastest selling World Wide sales of their 2013 “Wrath Widower” album.

His songs have and indeed are still actively played in the USA top 10 ten A list tracks on such radio stations as “All Southern Rock” and “All Dixie Rock”. Elias is also currently in the studio working on 3rd studio album, which will be released early next year. Elias.T.Hoth like all good bands has evolved since the late nineties.

In more recent years Elias.T.Hoth has played at major UK blues and rock festivals including more recently the 2013 Colne International Blues Festival, headlining at the event on the British Bulmers stage. He has also played at many venues throughout the UK as far afield as Barrow in Furness, to London’s famous Oxford Road 100 Club. This was an event that was highly acclaimed and reviewed by the UK Classic Rock magazine under the head line “The South Rises Again”.

He was also highly honoured to be asked to open the 2009 Lancashire Haigh hall music festival an event that was attended by more than 11,000 people. In 2010 Elias.T.Hoth won the Manchester Radio stations 106.1 (now INXS Radio) monsters of rock original band competition with our “Let Sleepin Demons lie” album single “Hex on you”. For information please do check out his website for more news, profiles, gigs, events and sample tracks. You will also find him on Facebook as “Elias.T.Hoth Rock Band”. If you require more back ground about him simply google Elias.T.Hoth on line.

Last but not least you can both see and listen to his studio and live music on you tube, including such tracks as:- “Mississippi Burnin”, Hex On You”, Mobile Alabama”, “Rollin Thunda “ and Lock N Load” to name just a few. Trusting this tells you something about Elias.T.Hoth’s journey to date. If you do require any more information or references please contact UK Mobile 07958975767 land line 01942 601493.