New Album O RHESUS NEGATIVEElias.T.Hoth offers up his 11th original musical invention “O Rhesus Negative”. This latest album brings forth an alternative perspective on this hard ass mean kickin’ rock monster best renowned for his brutal and often unforgiving rock and roll back catalogue.
However, we find that within the new “O Rhesus Negative” album there is most definitely a twist in the tale, with an album that clearly presents us with a dilemma if not indeed an enigma, in that it brings us a previously unseen, diversity and breadth of new subject matter. The album contains no less than 4 rock, 2 blues and 5 very intimate personal ballads.
Firstly, diehard fans will not be disappointed as the heavier soundtracks deliver us some of Elias.T.Hoth’s brand new bristling and more visceral, classic hothic rock ‘n’ roll anthems, possibly some the most impressive so far, which I believe in time will become standards in their own rights.
There is no doubt the album ballad content has brought about a massive paradigm shift and has taken Elias.T.Hoth into new uncharted territory which is no bad thing. The seeds and meaning of these lamenting songs have clearly grown from the emotional troubles and torrents of his own life, as each ballad tells its own unique story with a profound and often moving insight into the emotional feelings and substrate of the author. As Elias says “it is really only now after many years, that I feel I am able to take stock and reflect on these emotions and finally put them to rest.
I think it’s only fair to say that the “O Rhesus Negative” album truly accomplishes this and allows you the listener an extended insight into the inner sanctum and more vulnerable facets of the artist himself. Until now you may well have seen Elias.T.Hoth as a ferocious, brutal, snarling, uncompromising battled hardened war horses giving no quarter. What is plain for all to see is that the “O Rhesus Negative” reveals that within our unforgiving battle hardened warhorse lie’s a rather tender, delicate and sensitive human being. Ultimately it’s you who must reflect on the albums blood offerings and pronounce final judgement on the soul that has been laid bare and sacrificed before you on the ‘O Rhesus Negative’ alter.