You will simply be overwhelmed by Elias.T.Hoth’s uncompromising TORRENT OF RELENTLESS, UNFORGIVING rock’n’ roll!. His unshakable belief in the power of his original live rock music takes us to the very edge of ourselves. He questions the profound truths, understandings and meaning of our lives, beliefs, fears, and excesses. all of which inhabit the dark recesses of the complex human condition. It is here that Elias.T.Hoth’s sardonic razor sharp focus, darkness and wit inject its venom into his frantic unrelenting anthems that finally devour you. Ultimately, “Let Sleepin’ Demons Lie” is a warning that graphically demonstrates to us all the terrible agonies, perverse ecstasies and grim excesses of the unrelenting human existence.

The bands music reaches out to those who have undoubtedly sinned, crossed ethical lines, blurred moral boundaries, dislocated and fragmented the very essence of their souls, To those who have been damned for an eternity for loosing control and unleashing those grotesque monsters that lie deep within our suppressed darkened depths!
For As we all know its always best to Let Sleepin’ Demons lie, for once they have risen they cannot but take us all into the abyss !


Friday 22nd March – Bannermans, Edinburgh
Friday 5th April – Johnstonebridge Community Centre
Friday 12th April – Dreadnought, Bathgate
Saturday 4th May – Loreburn Hall, Dumfries
Friday 24th May – Moffat Town Hall
Friday 28th June – Brickyard, Carlisle
31st August – Music at the Multiverse, Sanquhar
14th September – BMF Lucky Cup Rally Muncaster Castle, Ravenglass

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