O Rhesus Negative Album


Elias.T.Hoth’s ‘O Rhesus Negative’ is a classic rock album that opens with the portentous bells, howling wind and Black Sabbath trappings of ‘Is It You For Whom The Bell Tolls?’, before broadening its musical palette to incorporate elements of Southern Rock, Metal, Country, Folk and even Gospel.

It is an album full of coherent stylistic diversity, but it’s predicated on booming rockers such as  ‘Roll On Down The Highway’, ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’, ‘Belzoni County Catfish Blues’ and is book-ended by the anthemic ‘Long Live Rock & Roll.’

The album title ‘O Rhesus Negative’ further plays up to the uncompromising character of their leader.  It digs deep for reflective introspection on ‘Echoes of My Life’ and the train-time rhythm and harp inflected ‘No Looking Back’.

His whiskey soaked vocals evoke Lemmy and Monster Truck’s John Harvey on the riff-driven ‘What Can’t Speak Can’t Lie’, but he also knows the value of restraint, as on the heartfelt ‘Now And Always’ and ‘Every Moment Leaves It’s Mark’.

Then there’s ‘One Day’, an album highlight that marries acoustic with gospel, and the reflective string arrangement of ‘Echoes of My Life’.

‘O Rhesus Negative’ stands on its own merits without the need for marketing labels. Enjoy and let’s rock!

Pete Feenstra Features Editor and Blues & Rock Editor/Broadcaster www.getreadytorock.com


Enjoy some of the audio clips of the album