Elias.T.Hoth embarks on his 11th original musical invention in as many years, to date his repertoire has included 5 studio albums, 4 live albums and 2 DVDs.

His latest album brings us a new insight and perspective to this hard ass mean kickin rock monster, who is renowned for his uncompromising and unforgiving rock and blues back catalogue. But this time as they say there is a twist in the tale.

To be fair the word “reflective” is not a word you would associate or would have previously heard of within the Elias.T.Hoth’s historical song vocabulary. Therefore using the narrative “reflective” is somewhat juxtapose and iy is strangely a word he considers to be very poignant and is at the very heart of at least half of this unusual and innovative album. The album contains no less than 5 very intimate reflective ballads which are extracted from the torrents his own life, all of which have significant depth and meaning and provide a deeper insight into the emotional substrate of the man himself.

Many of the new ballads, and dare I say the album even brings us a country song, takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The album includes tracks such as “Now and always”, “Looking back” “One Day” and “Echoes of my life” all of which were written several years ago and cover the darker and very difficult personal periods of his life. It is really only now, that he feels he is able to finally confront these emotions and feelings and finally put them to rest within the context of his latest “O Rhesus Negative” (his blood group by the way ) album landscape.

Similarly, the album also delivers us some brand new brisling visceral brilliant Rock N Roll songs, possibly the best so far, all of which I believe will in time become classics in their own rights. So do look out for such album song titles as, “For “Whom the bell tolls”, “Roll on down the highway”, “ Long live Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “What can’t speak can’t lie” ably supported by some very edgy and excellent true-life 12 bar blues shuffles in “Hook, line and Sinker” and BCM Catfish blues.

The “O Rhesus Negative” will be out around April of this year 2018, so please do keep your eyes and especially your ears peeled for this stunning new album.