Cy was without exception my very first choice of bass player. When I approached him several months ago about the new album, there was no doubt in my mind that he would bring his experience, awesome visual performances and searing dynamic energy back to the band and in to the cauldron of the live arena (he also knows all the songs of course). Moreover, he immediately accepted and once again showed his tremendous and positive enthusiasm for the new album project.

Elias.T.Hoth + Cydark’s history

Cydark was a corner stone of the original live band and ever present for many years. During
his tenure he performed many live sets with Elias T. Hoth including the UK International
Colne Blues Festival, the 2009 Haigh Hall Festival, up North at Cumbria’s Barrow-in Furness
International Blues Club and of course way down south at London’s famous Oxford Road
Legendary 100 Club.

Cy was the bass player on Elias T.Hoth’s highly acclaimed 2008 “Let Sleepin demons live”
album, delivering a masterful live performance which was also subsequently released on
DVD. He also played and sang backing vocals on the ETH’s 2012 Studio album, “Wrath
Widower” which subsequently went on to win the 2012 CD Baby worldwide best album of the
month award.

Cy played and performed on the 2013 Elias T.Hoth release of the 2 nd live album “Wrath
Widower Live” in which his bass contribution can clearly be heard on such tracks as Lock “N”
Load, Rock “N” Roll Redemption Train and the infamous “Road out a Hell” to name a but a

Track record

Cydark departed from the Elias.T.Hoth in 2010 to search for his roots, and being a free sprit
felt compelled to delve deeper in to the harsher and more visceral world of heavy metal,
which ultimately enabled him to perfect his bass playing technique to a much higher level.
He also gained invaluable studio and live performance experience playing on the UK metal

During this period, Cy was instrumental in forming the UK Northern based metal band Karma
Killers, playing, co-writing and producing songs such as “Devils Dance” and “All I want”.
Finding himself wanting even heavier, he then became a member of the London based
Clowncore Death Metal band Donkerkarnuffel, in which his extrovert personality excelled
with their on stage clown antics and badass songs.

Not able to commute every week to London anymore, he eventually joined the North West
based Metal band Vice, with whom he had remarkable success, playing at such venues as
the Sunkfest Festival in Hull, the Wildfire Festival in Scotland and the mighty 2016
Bloodstock Metal Festival at Catton Park in Derbyshire, UK. Cy also co-wrote the Vice album
“The seven deadly sins” The first chapter.
More recently he undertook a brief spell with the Manchester based metal outfit Soma Dark
and deputised for the bass player of the great German band Ferryman while on their UK


Ultimately Cydark’s professional musical commitments took precedence and Cy went back
to studying conducting at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK to begin
his professional conducting career.
Few may appreciate the many and often hidden musical depths and talents of Cydark; Cy
was originally classically trained (yes, he can read and understands the black and white
dots) and has travelled the world extensively, playing with some of the UK and European’s
world renowned musicians and orchestras including the BBC Philharmonic for 14 years as a

The prodigal son
In his return to Elias.T.Hoth, Cydark brings his phenomenal charismatic and articulate
personality. He is both a doer and an intellectual, an avid reader and above all a musical
creator and arranger, utilising his extensive classical orchestral musical back ground and
know how.

Above all we welcome Cy back as the returning prodigal son, as he embarks on a new
phase of his career. He is now committed to bringing his experiences and dare I say youth (!)
to the new line up as a session bassist.
It’ll certainly inject some high octane energy into the old battle hardened warhorse Elias T

Welcome back Cy.