BEATTOCK BASH 2022 ELIAS T. HOTH – LIVE and UNLEASHED this SATURDAY AUGUST 6th which sees first BEATTOCK BASH at BEATTOCK VILLAGE HALL Tickets available here: This is going to be an event to remember so get you tickets NOW before they SELL OUT!!!     […]

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Irvine Beat FM

Irvine Beat FM Interview with Elias.T.Hoth

Irvine Beat FM Interview Elias.T.Hoth is having yet another radio interview on the back of his new album. This time on Irvine Beat Radio Station on Friday 31st August from 10 – 12midnight. It will be a live interview with the presenter Hugh Fee who has the Rock and Blues slot. Visit for more […]

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Pete Feenstra

Elias.T.Hoth Interview with Pete Feenstra

Elias.T.Hoth Interview Elias.T.Hoth is being interviewed live on Sunday evening 8.00pm 29th of July on the Pete Feenstra Get ready to rock radio show. Pete amongst other things will be talking to Elias.T.Hoth about his latest album ‘O Rhesus Negative’. Please click on the link for more details. Hope you tune in, the show is […]

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Elias.T.Hoth New Album “O Rhesus Negative”

Elias.T.Hoth embarks on his 11th original musical invention in as many years, to date his repertoire has included 5 studio albums, 4 live albums and 2 DVDs. His latest album brings us a new insight and perspective to this hard ass mean kickin rock monster, who is renowned for his uncompromising and unforgiving rock and […]

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Confession with the Devil album

Battle hardened war horse Elias.T.Hoth delivers us his 3rd pulsating studio album. The material is again plundered from the boundless reserves of his own personal life experiences. Yet still the album is stronger and more diverse in its construction and contexts than its predecessors. Never-the –less the songs still presents us with original, fresh and […]

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The new album Wrath Widower

Elias.T.Hoth will be releasing their brand new massive album “Wrath Widower” in November. So while you’re here why not take the opportunity to check out the bands 2 minutes album promo video. We certainly hope this gives you an insight into exactly what’s to come, so brace yourself for this explosive searing block buster masterpiece […]

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Elias.T.Hoth Achieve Global Success

North West based British Southern rockers Elias.T.Hoth’s new album ‘Wrath Widower’ has proved to be an absolutely raging success, sky rocketing on the global music stage, with the on line internet website. The band have recently received a well earned gold disc accolade in recognition of the new albums amazing World Wide top selling […]

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