Battle hardened war horse Elias.T.Hoth delivers us his 3rd pulsating studio album. The material is again plundered from the boundless reserves of his own personal life experiences. Yet still the album is stronger and more diverse in its construction and contexts than its predecessors. Never-the –less the songs still presents us with original, fresh and often controversial musical concepts often dealing with difficult and taboo subjects.

There are new interesting and subtle twists in the new song arrangements that clearly demonstrate the maturity and depth in these new and exciting compositions. The album is once again unrelenting in its nature and yet still delivers us the highly combustive, power and ferocity which are integral components of Elias.T.Hoth’s searing trade mark. From the albums opening explosive, shock and awe assault with “Guns ‘N’ Ammo”. The tracks then continue unrelenting in their resolve, eventually leaving us with the fading, desperate wailings and screams of the dammed on board Satan’s Train.

There is no doubt in my own mind that the new album is unique, uncompromising and consistently delivers what I believe will be some exciting and new Elias.T.Hoth riffs and hook lines. I have spent over a year writing the songs and the lyrics before entering the studios this year in January this 2014, so the entire project when finished will have taken more than 2 years to complete. Again I am working very closely with highly experienced sound engineer Paul O’Neil of Incentive studios and the new albums primary producer Glenn Phillips at GPS studios also in Wigan. Glenn previously produced the highly acclaimed “2007 Let Sleepin Demons Lie” and “2013 Wrath Widower” albums.

As always the making an album is often a long hard and demanding journey, but I have every faith and confidence that the original Elias.T.Hoth musical concepts and arrangements brought to life by highly talented group musicians will ultimately deliver the special, unique and powerful reality for you the listeners of “Confession with the Devil”.

The new album is now out on