North West based British Southern rockers Elias.T.Hoth’s new album ‘Wrath Widower’ has proved to be an absolutely raging success, sky rocketing on the global music stage, with the on line internet website. The band have recently received a well earned gold disc accolade in recognition of the new albums amazing World Wide top selling sales.

The Wrath Widower album was only released at the beginning of January this year and has already been become a big hitter on the cdbaby website, with the new album competing against many well established bands who also tout their original music on cdbaby site. There is no doubt cdbaby is one of the largest and fastest growing music websites around the globe at the moment and is certainly a sound measure of the albums quality.

Said front man,singer song writer Elias, the whole band has been totally committed and put a tremendous amount of hard work into the album. We are all so very proud of the recognition has brought the album and indeed the band. The 10 track high octane block buster ‘Wrath Widower’album delivers almost an hour of extremely powerful hard rockin and blues based original material. Clearly audiences are now actively reacting and responding to the new songs with world wide sales now clearly reflecting the albums popularity.

The new album which was engineered and produced by Glenn Phillips at GPS Studio near Bolton UK and comes off the back of their previous highly acclaimed 2008 album ‘Let Sleepin Demons Lie’ album, which also again proved to be a winner with the bands loyal world wide audiences.

Hopefully the cdbaby on line music markets reactions to the new album will inspire further songs from the Elias.T.Hoth band. The out fit do have more material to offer and hopefully they can get a further positive responses from their global audiences.

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