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Colne International Blues festival Album review by Dale Nicholson

Colne International Blues festival
Just received a copy of the new live album from the 2013 Blues Festival at Colne and I have to say it’s bloody good stuff. (9/10)
I promised the man himself I’d do a review as i sadly missed the gig by about an hour so here goes. Mississippi Burning. (9) – After the Martin Luther King Intro it’s straight into Southern rockin’ mode. One of my fave Elias tracks anyway this is a cracking live version as he’s almost Lemmy-esque against a Skynyrd background.

Wanted By The F.B.I. – (8) Similar paced rocker to the previous track. The sound quality is excellent all round, crackin’ guitar solo on this one from Sam Barnett not to mention excellent female backing vocals.

Long Time Dead. (10)- My favourite from this years Wrath Widower live album so i guess i’m biased here. Not totally dissimilar paced to the other two but that’s never bothered us Quo fans right? Already gutted i missed this gig.

Lock N Load (8.5) – Great live version. Shades of Nashville Pussy on offer here

Hex On You (9) – Another of my faves. Almost like a dirtier, harder and sleazier ZZ Top.

Louisiana Train (7) – almost into Quo territory here with the introduction of Liam Ward, Elias’ very own Bob Young. If i have one minor complaint here it’s that i find some of the lyrics can be a little repetitive and for that reason alone it’s probably my least favourite Hoth track, it’s still a damn good rocker though, he doesn’t do crap songs.

A gob iron solo leads into the brooding Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead. (9)

A bit slower, more bluesy one than some of the other tracks and one of my favourites on the album. Big Fat Mama (9)- When i saw the track-listing i was expecting Elias’ own Big Fat Mama’s but nope, he’s a big Quo fan and it’s a stormin’ version of the one we all know and love.

Roadhouse Blues (9) – Again a great version.

To summaries, I think most people on here would love this album, you could do a lot worse than check them out.

by Dale Nicholson