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New Elias.T.Hoth Album

Elias.T.Hoth have now been in the recording studio for nearly 6 months, with Svengali Architect Producer Glenn Phillips. His sound engineering experience has been absolutely pivotal in delivering the new album’s production at his Blackrod GPS Studios. This is the band’s second album, which is now finally starting to take shape.

The album has 10 extended tracks. Elias.T.Hoth are not exactly renowned for giving short measures when it comes to song durations. The new album clearly provides a whole host of prolonged tracks which essentially remain true to their brazen hard rockin’ core roots. The album is clearly a strong progression from their last 2008 “Let Sleepin Demons Lie” release.

The new album is definitely more diverse and anthemic in style. With songs that have intelligent narratives and make profound statements about life and the human condition and range from out-and-out war to spiritual redemption and salvation.

The current band line-up is singer-songwriter and front man Elias on vocals and rhythm guitar, Sam Barnett on Lead guitar, Cy Dark on bass guitar and Merseyside seasoned drummer, Dave West – who provides some absolutely breathtaking, awesome, high-powered rock drumming.

The band hopes to release the album at the end of October, 2012.

Elias will be undertaking a new weekly blog telling the story of the final stages of the album’s birth.

Make sure to check back every Saturday for a new post from Elias himself.

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