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04 Louisiana Tushi Shuffle

Louisiana Tushi Shuffle

Now there’s a certain kinda’ shuffle
That they all do way down south
Around the Mississippi delta
It’s well known by word of mouth
You gotta wiggle your tushi
And move it around and about
So better learn how to do it
So come on let’s work it all out

You gotta break it, you can’t fake it
Louisiana Tushi Shuffle
Come on and make it, come on let’s shake it
Louisiana Tushi Shuffle
There’s no mistaking
Oh Louisiana Louisiana Tushi Shuffle

Now hold your tushi, you can move it
From side to side
Just move your tushi from the left
Then move it to the right
If you have a big fat tushi
Then all you do is scream and shout
If it’s small and pert shake
Your tushi now give me a pout

Chorus repeat

Now I can see that all of your tushi
Is starting to hang out
No matter how you try to hold it
It wiggles and wobbles about
If you dancing with another
Rub your tushi with the other and shout
If you on your own, turn around
Move your tushi in and out

Chorus repeat