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Guns ‘N’ Ammo

1st verse

It’s begun get your guns, throw everything we got against them Mexican sons

Give it all, stand or fall, yeah where in the Alamo with all our backs to the wall

Stand up proud, shout out loud, yeah we got get this revolution off the ground

Keep em all, on the run, it won’t matter who started it, but just who’s won


2nd Verse

Yeah give a loud, battle cry, then it’s over the top we’ll see who’ll live or die

Now it’s time, to destroy, so let every man, women, dog and child be deployed

Tell your kith and your kin, that someone’s gotta die, will it be you or him

Blow em all to, kingdom come, cause there’s gotta be a winner afore the day is done.



Give us guns, give us Guns Guns Guns, Guns & Ammo

Fire, Guns Guns Guns, Guns & Ammo

Victory Guns Guns Guns Guns & Ammo

Yeah Bloody Guns Guns Guns Guns & Ammo

Quite Bridge

Oh Guns Guns Guns, Guns

Withering Guns Guns, Guns Guns

Murdering Guns Guns Guns Guns

Alamo Guns Guns Guns Guns Guns Guns & Ammo



It won’t be long long long with Guns N Ammo

You’re always strong, strong, strong with Guns N Ammo

No you’re never wrong, wrong, wrong with Guns N Ammo

Tell our sons, sons, sons,

We could have won, won, won

Give us Gun Guns Guns Guns Guns N Ammo