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Catcher in the Rye

1st verse

Yeah I’m gonna tell you a story about a book I’ve read

Now if you read this book you might just wind up dead

Now don’t be misled this book will fill you with dread

It will blow your mind right out of your head.


2nd verse

So I can tell you now when all is done and said

If you read the catcher catchers words will spread.

So its better you know that book remains unread

I’m won’t tell you again don’t take it book to bed.



Don’t read the catcher in the rye

Yeah don’t read the catcher in rye


3rd Verse

Say no to that book and be oh so polite

Cause any sound bites make are like dynamite.

Now the words of the text will leave you perplexed

So don’t turn that page for what happens next


4th verse

So don’t you subscribe and don’t you recite

Keep the catcher in the rye right out of your sight

Now as JD said to try and give you a fright

I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life.


1st & 2nd Chorus

Don’t read the catcher in the rye, Catcher in the rye

Don’t read the Catcher turn a blind eye

No don’t read the catcher someone might die

Yeah I said no no don’t read the catcher, catcher in rye



Backing vocal

Don’t read the catcher, catcher in the rye, cause if you read the catcher then your gonna


Lead vocal

Catcher catcher in the rye etc



Don’t read the catcher in the rye