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Barrow R&B August 2001

Elias.T.hoth are so pleased they have been invited back to true blue collar country with the bands performance reschedule for Friday 12th August 2011 at the Barrow in Furness Cavendish st Labour club venue.

The southern hard rockin boogie should kick off about 9.30 with such Hothic classics such as “Mississippi Burnin”, “Hex on you” and “Rollin Thunda” being amongst the blistering hard ass mean kickin set.


The band will also be introducing new drummer Dave West to the event, we all very much wish Dave the very best at what is clearly a hot bed of enthusiastic Barrow rockers and blues fans. Dave’s track record and extensive experience in the live rock music arena is second to none and will certainly stand him in good stead for a hell fire and brimstone rockin night, so you had all better brace yourselves!


Dave will of course be ably supported by brilliant lead guitarist Nick Marland, the dynamic Cy Dark on bass guitar and of course the old snarling war horse front man himself Elias.


We also look forward to seeing some special local people who took the time and trouble to attend our last gig and we do hope they really enjoy yet another night of Elias.T.Hoth cranking our some of their original scorching southern Rock N’ Roll.


These included Brian a long time stalwart R&B club member, Brian was obviously a man with considerable track record a sound judgment when it came to rock and blues who made it very clear in no uncertain terms at the last gig that Elias.T.Hoth were one of his up and coming a top class favorite live bands.


We also hope to see Lorna another Barrow blues club member, a lady who said she really enjoyed all the bands original material at the last Januarys gig. Lorna’s particular favorite proved to be the album infamous single track “Hex on you”. 


Of course we also look forward to seeing the formidable driving force, brains and hard work behind the Barrow R&B Club management team in Joyce and Bill, who again should be congratulated on there sterling special efforts in keeping Barrow R&B Club as one of the top quality venues in the UK.


So if you can make it, you can shake it all with southern rockin Elias.T.Hoth Friday 1st July Barrow in Furness Cavendish st Labour club 9.30.  


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